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Information in relation to the services provided by CPM Reviews

CPM Reviews provides ethical and professional reviews of workplace behaviour, administrative actions and employment decisions for the public sector and other organisations.



An overview of the Federal and State organisations we have assisted

CPM Reviews has delivered to a wide range of clients across the Commonwealth and State jurisdictions, ranging from large Federal Government departments to smaller State Government and non-government organisations.



Profiles of our team of reviewers that deliver CPM Reviews services to the APS

CPM Reviews personnel have experience in a number of employment areas and have all occupied demanding management or human resources positions within the public sector. We have reviewers in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth and are able to travel to other areas.


Services Clients Courses


CPM Reviews specialises in conducting workplace investigations. We provide professional and independent reviews of workplace behaviour, administrative actions and employment decisions for the public sector at all levels of government and for other organisations, including universities and private sector organisations.

CPM Reviews can help with all assignments, large or small, whether simple or highly complex and sensitive, involving any staff at any level, including at the most senior levels of government.

Our Reviewers

Our reviewers have a range of skills, including legal qualifications and experience at senior levels of government; in policing; human resource management; fraud control; the law; Public Interest Disclosure investigations; and industrial relations.  Support and assistance to client organisations can extend to specialist contexts such as the prison system and the health sector.

Review personnel have all occupied demanding management and human resources positions within the public sector and/or private sectors, for periods in excess of 10 years, and often in excess of 20 years.  For details of the experience of our individual reviewers see the Reviewers section.

An Australia-wide Presence

CPM Reviews has reviewers who can operate in all states, including 2 based in Brisbane, 2 in Sydney, 3 in other NSW centres, 2 in Melbourne, 1 in Perth and the rest in Canberra.  Our reviewers also travel widely to provide services outside these centres.

Training Workshops and Advisory Services

We can facilitate part-day, full day or multi-day forums and workshops on topics relating to workplace behaviour, including bullying and harassment and other code of conduct issues.

We can also provide advice on ethics, probity and the like, and mediation services. We can chair panels where an individual has appealed against a personnel management decision relating to discipline or similar, or because of unacceptable behaviour.

Security and Confidentiality

CPM Reviews attaches high importance to security, confidentiality and privacy arrangements, with a focus on these issues built into our organisational culture.

Our Track Record

CPM Reviews has conducted over 1100 independent investigations and reviews for government agencies and other entities since its establishment in mid-2008.
A number of our reviews have been in areas of significant political sensitivity and have involved the most senior levels of government.

Representation on Panels and in Deeds of Standing Offer

CPM Reviews is included on a number of panels and/or deeds of standing offer. Specifically, review and investigation services to Commonwealth agencies can be provided under a Defence Deed of Standing Offer (SON3709102) and for ACT government Directorates under contract number GS0001732.102. CPM Reviews is also approved as a prequalified supplier for investigations and performance and management services to the New South Wales Government.

Our history

CPM Reviews was established in July 2008 as a specialised business arm of the Centre for Public Management Pty Ltd (CPM), a public sector-oriented training and consulting business which has been operating since 1995.

In mid-2012 CPM Reviews Pty Ltd was established as a separate company.